What We Believe

Our church holds to the Baptist Faith and Message as our detailed doctrinal statement. Here is the very short version:

  • God- We believe there is only One True Living God who eternally exists as three-in-one and created all things for His glory.
  • Man- We believe God created man in His image to have fellowship with Him by glorifying Him and enjoying Him forever.
  • Sin- We believe Adam and Eve failed to glorify God by rejecting Him as God and plunged all mankind into a state of sinful rebellion resulting in a just eternal punishment.
  • Jesus- We believe Jesus is God come in the flesh to live the perfect life we could not live, die the death we deserved to die, and defeat death that He might reign eternally and redeem us from our sinfulness.
  • Faith- Only through faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord can we receive God's gracious gift of salvation and new life.